SOUND OFF WORLD PREMIERE: Exclusive Clip From Josh Groban’s ALL THAT ECHOES Fathom Event!

Internationally celebrated vocalist, stage performer and multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban returns to movie theaters nationwide this week with an extended cut of his ecstatically received concert event ALL THAT ECHOES and BroadwayWorld is proud to present an exclusive clip from the new footage contained within the spectacular onstage and offstage ultimate concert experience.

Taking us into the recording booth, backstage at the live Lincoln Center concert event and into his thought process itself in crafting the atmospherically rich ALL THAT ECHOES, Groban shares his infectious enthusiasm and deep-rooted passion for the project. "This being album six, I had to kind of go back to the way I felt on album one - which is that: there is no expectation but the expectation of goosebumps and not playing by anybody’s rules but our own," Groban relates.

He adds, “Ultimately, I think that this record is a really hopeful one.”
And, what about the evocative and all-too-apt title for the richly enjoyable release? “ALL THAT ECHOES really seemed to sort of represent throwing away the rule book a little bit.”

And, Groban certainly did that - as exemplified by this unorthodox and unparalleled concert event in promotion of ALL THAT ECHOES byway of Fathom, particularly now with the new encore extended Artist Cut presentation coming our way.

Josh Groban: ALL THAT ECHOES - ARTIST CUT is officially billed as such: “This July, don’t miss the opportunity to relive Josh’s intimate February 4th performance from The Allen Room at Lincoln Center. In addition to performing hits from his 12-year career and premiering selections from his latest album, All That Echoes, Josh provided unparalleled access to his fans when he candidly answered questions from audiences in movie theaters across the country. In addition to the concert and the Q&A, this artist cut event will include a special welcome from Josh himself and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the making of All That Echoes.”

Also, don’t miss my extensive recent InDepth InterView with Josh Groban all about Fathom’s ALL THAT ECHOES event, as well as the album itself, his GLEE appearance, recent TV and film roles and his Broadway ambitions - and much, much more - available here.

For more information on Josh Groban: ALL THAT ECHOES - ARTIST CUT on July 16 at Fathom-equipped movie theaters nationwide, visit the official site here.


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