It’s Wookiee Wednesday…Josh Groban sang this song, can you name that tune?




Josh Groban singing Machine (not full song), receiving a chocolate piano from a fan & introducing the Groband in Vienna, Austria. (30/05/13)



“Name?” “Will.” “Did I spell it right?”

Coffee Town Red Band Trailer (x)

Groban: I’m too nice to be TV judge

SOURCE: Belfast Telegraph

The award-winning singer admitted he had been approached to get involved in a show like American Idol and The X Factor but decided to turn it down.

"There was one time I was approached about doing something like that but I don’t know if that would be a good fit for me. I like nurturing too much, I think I’d have a hard time with the meanness," he said.

Josh, who prefers to encourage and nurture talent through his Find Your Light foundation, admitted he considers those type of shows “entertainment”.

"It’s good and bad. The good is it’s wonderful to have an outlet for anybody to get exposure. The tough part of it is people like watching the train wrecks for the entertainment value, at least for me," he explained.

"It’s just seeing Simon Cowell or the judges letting someone have it. It’s a guilty pleasure. The key is what it does when the show is over.

"There are people who are great contestants but aren’t necessarily great after the show’s done, then there are those who surprise you. They walk out, they have a real vision and a real unique talent and wouldn’t have been heard if it wasn’t for the show. It’s entertainment."

The 32-year-old - who is set to play five dates in the UK including London, Birmingham and Nottingham - advised aspiring singers to believe in themselves.

"Really find out what makes you and your voice unique. Study as hard as you can and don’t lose what makes you special, and keep your head down and understand it’s going to be crazy. And try to be as nice to people as possible," he said.


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Josh Groban answering questions in Berlin, Germany. (02/06/13) Includes which song Josh like to hum/sing when he was 5 years old, what’s his most often excuse for being late, & which of legends of rock and roll would Josh like to go party with.


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