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Live from Lincoln Center


Josh Groban on What’s Cooking Show, Part 1

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(Also see parts 2, 3 and 4.)

Josh Groban Concert Set List (Moscow, Russia 19/05/13)


1) Brave
2) You Are Loved
3) February Song
4) Alejate
5) Happy In My Heartache
6) Allа Luce Del Sole
7) The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
8) Sincera
9) Hollow Talk
10) Live & Let Die (instrumental)
11) Drum Solo
12) Voce Existe Em Mim
13) Un Alma Mas
14) Vincent
15) To Where You Are
16) Machine
17) I Believe
18) You Raise Me Up


ThrowbackThursday Wookiee Photo of the Day!! Josh Groban in an episode of Ally McBeal! 

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Josh Groban - Funny translation with percussionist Pete - Helsinki 05/21 2013 (by MissTilney)  

Josh asks his percussionist Pete (who is Finnish) to translate his words to Finnish. First Pete translates well but then he becomes cheeky and translates quite something else than what Josh says! :-D Pete’s translations below for you who don’t speak Finnish. :-)
1. Hello and welcome to the concert.
2. Great to be here in wonderful Helsinki again.
3. I’ve never seen so many drunks on the streets.
4. I don’t understand why you eat Santa’s reindeer here. (My note: reindeer is eaten quite a bit here)
5. In fact, the artist here doesn’t understand a word of what we’re speaking…the afterparty is in his hotel room.
6. Room numer 2309.
7. Free booze.

Josh Groban on The Office: “Garden Party”.


Josh Groban receives A LOT of flowers from Russian Grobanites at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. (19/05/13) 


Josh in London 5/22/13

Gayle in background


Josh Groban answering questions from fans in Helsinki, Finland. (21/05/13) Includes a hilarious moment with a gong, what he would invent if he was a mad scientist, his most embarrassing moment on stage & can he say the Finnish r-sound. Also, a lucky fan gets invited onto the stage.


Part 2


Part 1


VIDEO: Watch Josh’s interview ( ) from iTV’s ‘This Morning’


VIDEO: Watch Josh’s performance from iTV’s ‘This Morning’