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Here I am the one man band, with a song that’s meant for two…
Josh Groban | Higher Window


David O’Brien@DavidOBrien_21h

Thanks Josh for the amazing concert in Adelaide last night!


It’s Wookiee Wednesday…@ joshgroban sang this song, can you name that tune?

Josh Groban | Famous Friends Edition (Part 2)

“I am strong when I am on your shoulders…” (x)

So I Just Came Home From Seeing Josh Groban Live.


How do I describe it? How can I describe it? I think the only phrase that comes to mind is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!

His singing was incredible, as always, and in between songs, when he made jokes, everyone laughed. And, in the Q&A part of the concert, one of the questions was what would he invent if he was a mad scientist. He said X-ray glasses and a HOVERBOARD BECAUSE HE SAW IT ON BACK TO THE FUTURE!

I swear, Josh just keeps giving me reasons to fall in love with him again and again.

As for the seating, I wasn’t as close to the stage as I originally thought. The concert was at the Palais Theatre, and my ticket said I was in the stalls. Because I’d never been there before, I kind of thought that the stalls were closest to the stage. But when I got to my seat, it was a little further back. The seats close to the stage were the orchestra seats. But my seat wasn’t bad. I was close enough to actually be able to see him, but not so close that I could take a good photo of him. I have one, but you can’t really see his face because of the lighting. Oh well. I guess there’s zilch I can do about it now.

Anyway, overall rating for the night:

Performance: Ten billion out of ten

Peace and Love! xo

Ten billion out of ten is a great review!




Josh Groban in Sydney, 23/04/13 (x)