Josh - Perth Australia Concert


Photos from these lucky people who got to see Josh in Auckland

keelygeeKeely Gibson 14 Apr 
  @joshgroban so close… yet so far….

tamrobinson60Mary Robinson 13 Apr 
  Another pic of Josh Groban’s amazing concert last night in Auckland

Donna@GC_r0cks15 Apr
@joshgroban Caption this photo of you from the Auckland concert, lol!


In one year, I had to face my demons from being bullied from the time I was a child until my mid-30s. I also lost some people in my life that I wish I didn’t. My therapist tells me that I may have PTSD. Through it all, I listened to every Josh CD I have and frankly I don’t think I could have made it through these 12 months without his music.

Little Groban Things
Josh → scruff in a suit

Little Groban Things
Josh → scruff in a suit: glasses edition



Josh Groban | Hair Porn Edition

babbydollface asked: Ill be seeing josh in Sydney l. Wednesday yay! I'm going to take plenty of photos for you all :)

ASJDHFALSJHYAAAAHAAAYYYYY!! Don’t forget to tag your posts so we can reblog your photos!


Marie, this is for you. Enjoy your Josh Groban :p

Josh Groban | Props Edition

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  ┖ Josh & plaid.