obriengifs asked: OMG. You're my number 1 fave Josh Groban blog and you just reblogged me. *faints*

Thank yooouu for posting those lovely Josh entries for us to reblog! Grobanite lurve.

justlikegrace asked: Random, but do you think Josh looks more like his mom or dad?

Oh wow, that’s so tough. :P Chris looks like his dad, but Josh is probably a mix of both. Josh has his mother’s smile and his father’s eyes.


Josh Groban: “Finding the muse…” (http://instagram.com/p/q0vRbxLk_Q/)


Josh Groban *-*

“You said love wrecks everything and none of us survive, so I got over you last night and I am still alive” — Josh Groban, “My Heart was Home Again” (via katelynfleecy)


same kiddo


Is this not the most adorable photo? 


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