All of the Josh Groban icons I’ve made for myself. There are 51

You can use them, just please like or reblog if you do!

Pictures aren’t mine, I just cropped and edited them.

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Aww…what a cutie…that “other” @joshgroban!!!! 


Sweeney Groban chilling out behind the scenes of Josh Groban’s Summer Symphony Tour rehearsals. (x)

Josh gets very very serious about rehearsals for the 2014 Summer symphony tour.

Serious? Riiiiiight.


Oh Josh.


Josh Groban’s crushing it! LOL *turn up the volume a lil*

Sweeney and the Groband during rehearsals. (x)

We remember Robin Williams, who was kind enough to let Josh share the comedy stage with him on The Crazy Ones. Simon Roberts, you’re one of a kind. (x, x)


Tariqh: Okay… this is my “You’re just so dreamy pose”…. i honestly didn’t even know I do this :)