It’s WOOKIEE WEDNESDAY! @joshgroban sang this song. Can you name that tune?

Photo from tg4jg gallery


Nighty, Night


he looks nice in blue

Josh Groban as Guy in “Once”



Josh Groban on Never mind the buzzcocks




petition for josh groban to do the next james bond theme

Show Tune Of The Day26th July- Quartet [A Model of Decorum and Tranquility], Chess in Concert, 2008

How sad to see
A model of decorum and tranquility
Become like any other sport
A battleground for rival ideologies
To slug it out with glee.


When interviewing Josh Groban on his many talents. 


Photo source: The confessor submitted the pic too.

PS. Find me a woman who doesn’t go nuts over that lower lip. 

“When you’ve given all your light away I’d like to be the safest place
I will close the doors and lock the gates
And give to you my safest place
Your hideaway” —  Josh Groban, Your Hideaway (via alittlemoredisney)


When I read other people’s bucket list they’re all “I want to swim across the Atlantic with my hands tied together behind my back while loudly reciting the Bible backwards in japanese” and mine’s just like “I reeeally want to hug Josh Groban.”